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Posted From My iPhone

Posted on: February 3rd, 2014 by brendanmckeigan

I’m currently sitting at the back of the room at Absolute Comedy, waiting to close out the Open Mic Monday show. Then I realized I didn’t write something for today. I’ve spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out how to access my admin page from my phone.

Apparently I’m not as technologically savvy as I thought. But now I know! So I can type until my thumbs are sore! Which is now.

Kidding. But on a totally unrelated topic, there is a girl at this show who won’t shut up. She’s not in the best of shape, and she’s wearing an Andre the Giant, black, one shoulder shirt, and her boob is pouring out. I’d say popping, but that would be a lie. She walked by and it was pouring into her armpit. Seriously ladies, tuck that shit in.

And please don’t give me flack for that, there’s appropriate attire to wear, and dressing like an 80′s wrestler isn’t it for anybody.

Anywho, I have to go. Getting close to show time. I hope they start behaving.

P.S. I’m gonna start wearing short, mesh 80′s football jerseys that aren’t for any particular team, just to play fair.