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Comedy is Fantastic

Posted on: January 26th, 2014 by brendanmckeigan


Like the headline says, comedy is fantastic. I’ve had the pleasure of performing with some incredibly talented people this week. Look them all up. Trixx, Lars Callieou, Arthur Simeon, Andrew Chapman, Jeff Leeson, Monty Scott, DJ Demers, Diana Love, Dan Bingham, Scott McMann, Todd Van Allen, and Casey Corbin.

I’m writing this as the Saturday late show is ten minutes old. The room is filled with laughter already and hopefully that continues. Should be pretty interesting since I’ve maybe had a few drinks. But on the plus side, as I type this, I’m not really misspelling anything.

The point is, comedy is fantastic. The best compliment people can give after a show is, “Thank you. I was having a really shitty day, and I needed this.” To know that jokes made somebody feel better after a bad situation in an incredible thing. This blog is going to be short, because I have to get ready to go on stage. The point is, you should try to immerse yourself in comedy. It’s just makes things better.

Also, I love whiskey.

The World Needs More 80′s Action Movies

Posted on: January 19th, 2014 by brendanmckeigan


In a world where special effects, CGI and overpaid actors reign supreme, sometimes the best way to fully enjoy a movie is to watch an action movie from the 80’s, and possibly early 90’s.

Right now, I’m watching Beverly Hills Cop II, and Eddie Murphy is fantastic. Seriously, it’s just amazing. It might be one of the best movie characters ever. There’s even a poster on the wall in one scene for “Rambo: First Blood.” Think of how great some of the characters in 80’s action movies were? Eddie Murphy, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Pre-Crazy Mel Gibson, the list goes on.

If you can’t take joy away from a cheesy 80’s action movie, then I feel sorry for you. They’re everything great; comedy, action, and a slue of one-liners that people will be quoting for the rest of time. Think of it! That doesn’t happen anymore. “I’ll be back.” “Yippie Kay Yay.” “I’m getting’ too old for this.” The list goes on. They’re just entertaining. They aren’t trying to be anything more than that. They aren’t going for Oscar glory, they’re just fun.

Do you realize that Van Damme has a FINISHING MOVE? A goddamn FINISHING MOVE! He plays a different character in every movie, and yet somehow at the crucial moment, he majestically leaps into the air with the power of a thousand Michael Jordan’s, spins like Elvis Stojko, and delivers a nothing short of miraculous 360 degree crescent kick. And just in case for some reason you missed the best part of the movie, it’s replayed from every angle besides having a yet-to-be-invented GoPro camera strapped to his foot (which I would love to see). Just in case you still aren’t on board, that kick is so majestic, that Bolo Yeung took it once as the main bad guy “Chong Li” in Bloodsport, decided that kick was so nice, he needed it twice and took it AGAIN in Double Impact. The irony there kills me.

The Expendables are some the best action movies of modern cinema, because Sly remembered that people want cheese! Sweet, delicious, gooey, cheese! So many new action movies fail because they do things wrong, like let characters get into a car BEFORE they’re partner already starts driving it. Or NOT starting a gunfight in the middle of any crowded place and only hitting bad guys. If at some point, some pessimist watching doesn’t say, “OH, YEAH RIGHT!” Then you aren’t making your movie correctly.

I hope more action movies are made like The Expendables. Seriously, I would watch The Expendables 17, in which they plot to overthrow the crooked owner of the retirement residence they all live in. Even in Van Damme can’t walk, I bet he would still be able to do the splits. So at the very least, you can get that crescent kick from a scooter.

I will gladly watch a time traveling Rambo over anything by Michael Bay. Enough with the slow motion. Give me speed, bullets, car chases, one liners and mullets. Lots and lots of mullets.

Okay, I’m done writing. I’ve gotta go buy every 80’s action movie ever. American Ninja marathon anyone?

So, You Think You Can Jokes?

Posted on: January 14th, 2014 by brendanmckeigan


Let me take you through an average day for me. I mean the 9-5 portion of my day. A little insight into what goes in to keep the jokey-jokes coming. It might be interesting. Just think of it as, reading the transcripts to the bonus features on a BluRay.”

I wake up around 7:15am everyday, except weekends. I know, a lot of you are probably thinking, “But you’re a comedian. Don’t you just sleep in everyday?” Not if I want to continue being a professional comedian. There’s more to comedy than just gathering an hour of material and touring with it for the next twenty years.

The first thing I do, is write my daily “to-do” list. Then I complete the list. Crazy right?! For instance, sometimes it will consist of calling venues to arrange bookings, meetings with possible other venues, writing, light graphic design (I’m no Photoshop wiz). Sometimes my list will have five things to do, sometimes ten. Some jobs are bigger than others and need more time.

Today was such a productive day; I nearly forgot to write my daily blog! (Watch, now there’ll be a problem with the internet and I won’t be able to post this.) I don’t even know if any of this is interesting to anyone, but it’s my website and I’ll do what I want to! Here was today’s list:

1)   Make a poster for an upcoming gig

2)   Order DVD cases

3)   Order DVD labels and covers

4)   Have DVDs made

5)   Bootleg my own audio so I can sell my comedy special as a CD/DVD combo

6)   Call venues about tour in March

7)   Daily Blog

I almost forgot number seven. Usually I have that first, but sometimes you need the day to figure out what to write about. And sometimes you have no idea what to write about, so you just write about your day. And here we are.

Not as much writing as I’d like to do in a day, but those DVDs need to get done! Why am I telling you all of this? It’s not even “Bring your website visitors to work day.” I’ve always been a fan of what goes into creating certain things, and comedy is no exception. Kind of a “pulled back curtain,” so to speak.

Everyone has their own process, and for all I know, I’m the least qualified person to work in my office. Plus, the cat pretty much demands attention whenever she wants. Sometimes I lean back in the chair to stretch, which is interpreted as, “Yes, I DO want cat hair all over me right now. And please walk across my binder.”

I hope I didn’t ruin comedy for anyone. I know a ruined a couple of lives on Twitter today when I made fun of Lady Gaga. But I also cooked a ham. The two events are in no way related.

Happy Monday!

Track Pants, Polar Dips and Made Up Lists

Posted on: January 2nd, 2014 by brendanmckeigan

It’s day two of 2014, and so far, so good? I watched movies; I thought about leaving the house and didn’t; and I read some article on suicide that was shared on Facebook. All in all, a pretty good day!

I watched four movies yesterday and stayed in my track pants. I feel very good about this accomplishment. New Year’s Day always seems to be a time for nothingness, in the most beautiful way. I had a Wells, “Banana Bread,” beer yesterday with the movie experience. I have to say, if you’ve ever thought your beer might be missing something, but you aren’t sure what – It’s banana bread. A lot of times, brewers try to add in flavours with okay results (i.e. Pumpkin beer, Strawberry Beer, Carling Light’s Cigarette butts left over in the bottle beer), but some genius at Well’s decided to concoct Banana Bread beer, and I love it. Please send me a case for this publicity. I have TENS of readers… Maybe. That was pretty much New Year’s Day for me.

It’s odd how the first day of every year is usually wasted. Sure, there are activities going on around the city. There was a polar dip in Ottawa apparently. It was -35 Celsius with the wind chill and people are throwing themselves into a hole in the ice? It’s going to take those guys until New Year’s Eve for their respective balls to drop. Part of me would have liked to see the Polar Dip, but… track pants.

I also checked my Facebook for New Years wishes and somebody I’ve never met tagged me in a “2014,” photo. Just one of those generic pictures where you can Photoshop the last number for every year and make a brand new picture! I also came across an article that ranked comedians as the number one profession to commit suicide. Sure, there were no actual facts; And SURE, Psychology Today has doctors listed as the top suicidal profession, but yes, all comedians are troubled and suicidal. But when you do a short search for most suicidal profession, they’re all different. So to whomever wrote the article placing comedians at number one; Sounds like somebody didn’t have a good time at a comedy club.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know of any comedians (besides high profile celebs) who have committed suicide. Not one. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, I just don’t think we’re offing ourselves like lemmings. Doctors I can understand. If a comedian has a bad show, they lose the room. The crowd has an okay time, and doesn’t really talk about it again. When a doctor loses a room, the results are catastrophic! People die because of that, and people grieve. There’s lawsuits, therapy, voids to fill. Nobody has had to console grieving family members after seeing a comedy show. Unless maybe Ward Anderson was headlining, then that I could see. *

I’m a pretty happy guy. I’m not perfect, and I can be short with people sometimes. But you need to look for the positives. I’ve performed in Medicine Hat, Alberta and yet somehow managed to NOT commit suicide. So hey, live it up! Maybe next year I’ll try the Polar Dip.

*Ward Anderson is a great friend and a great comic. Listen to the Ward and Al show on Sirius XM radio.

A Year In The Life!

Posted on: January 1st, 2014 by brendanmckeigan


Welcome to 2014!

It’s the start of a New Year, and I have to say, 2013 was good to me. I recorded my first comedy special, I made a move from Toronto to Ottawa, and I have an incredible girlfriend that I just celebrated a year with in December.

I decided a while ago that it might be interesting to give a little insight into the life of a comedian, and here we are. The average person might go to a comedy club maybe once a year, have a great time and then when asked about it, it usually goes something like this:

“We had so much fun! The comedian was SO funny! “
“Oh yeah? That’s great! What was his name?”
“Not a clue.”

This wasn’t really a New Year’s Resolution, but more of an opportunity to have a great starting point for what I had in mind: A daily journal from a stand up comedian. These will be my thoughts and ideas on the things that happens to me in day to day life, and how I cope with them. A year long, autobiography of sorts. Maybe it will be funny, maybe not. But it should be interesting. So, enjoy!

New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that everybody seems to overhype. I’ve had a variety of New Year’s Eves in my life, and the best ones are more about the quality of the people you’re with. I love performing on New Year’s Eve, but I’ve also performed on New Year’s Eve in Michigan. I’ve had great nights performing, and I’ve had great nights hanging out with a few friends and having a nice, quiet New Year’s.

I was supposed to have a gig at a bar in Ottawa. After two weeks of planning, booking and making a poster that didn’t look like garbage, the owner informed me a week before Christmas that they would rather close at 9:00pm. The reason? The owner didn’t want to pay her staff at holiday pay after midnight. Really? Forget the thousands of dollars they were going to make by putting on a show, people go out on New Year’s to have fun, let loose and spend more on tickets and booze than they probably should. But it was their decision, and it’s just business. I learned a while back to try and not take things like that too personally. It sucks, but what can you do? You can have New Year’s and not get paid instead! YAY….. damn.

Most people don’t plan their New Year’s until after Christmas. That leaves you with six days to plan an unforgettable night! I had a good New Year’s. Not great, but still good. It was one of those New Year’s where my girlfriend and I made plans. They fell through, and we improvised. This involved stopping at two different houses and making the rounds. It also meant I was driving. So on the plus side, this is the first New Year’s Day I woke up without a hangover since I can remember.

The first stop was to see some friends of my girlfriend. There were six of us, and we had shared some laughs and stories. I put on some Missy Elliot, “Work It,” on my phone, because sometimes you just need to put your thing down, flip it and reverse it. If you know the song at all, the best part is listening to half drunk people trying to figure out the lines after that. Last night I heard, “It’s your flippy-trippy van yam trap.” Apparently sometimes vans can be yam traps, whilst being both flippy and trippy. I also heard, “It’s your flippin’ dick I can’t stand, yeah!” Thankfully that wasn’t directed at me.

The second stop was a friend’s potluck dinner (or at least the tail end of it). It being New Year’s Eve, I was expecting some music and conversations. My girlfriend and I arrived around 11:15pm. We were supposed to make another stop, but time was running out. We were locked into this being where we ring in the New Year. We were also locked into watching stand up comedy on Netflix. Nothing like rubbing it in that my gig fell through.

I ended up bringing up a countdown on my phone. The guests were all very nice people, I just didn’t want midnight to come and we’re all watching Netflix. There’s nothing worse than missing the countdown. It happened to me once. I was still living in Sudbury, and we were using the radio as our music and party liaison. That was mistake number one. Then the DJ in his super-excited-to-be-a-DJ voice exclaimed, “We’ll be right back with the countdown, right after THIS!” And then Shania Twain played. Yeah, it was a few years ago now. The song finished, the DJ returned and exuberantly proclaimed, “Happy New Year everybody! We’re two minutes in, and I hope everybody is having a great time with loved ones!” Seriously? We had to make our own countdown, which was pretty pointless because none of us had a Delorean or a TARDIS to go back in time and ring in the year officially.

My phone was counting down from 3:00 minutes, and we all had scrambled to get everybody champagne for Midnight. We all stood around the island in the kitchen, staring at my phone. There was no music, just nine adults looking at a phone to know when to start pretending to know the words to “Auld Lang Syne.” I shouldn’t complain. My girlfriend still wants to kiss me, so that’s a plus! Midnight came and we all shared some hugs and handshakes and well wishes. It was somewhat uneventful, but I was in the company of good people, and that’s the important thing. It ended up being a pretty nice night. Not long after, we got home and went straight to bed. Literally, straight to bed. Not figuratively. We walked in the house, took of our coats, walked into the bedroom and went to sleep. And I’m 100 percent okay with that because I was up at 7:00am.

There’s something very gratifying about most places being closed on New Year’s Day. As I write this, I’m wearing some very comfortable track pants, and a shirt I received as a Christmas gift that says, “Bacon Makes Everything Better,” in an extra large. I look like a 90’s rap star, and I have no plans on changing into any other clothes today. It’s fantastic. Happy New Year’s everyone! I’m going to spend today lounging around the house and watching Sherlock. Because that show is amazing.

Health and Happiness in 2014!

15 Days Away!

Posted on: November 2nd, 2013 by brendanmckeigan

Tickets at http://brendan.brownpapertickets.com

Only 15 days away from the biggest show of my career! Come be a part of my Comedy Special, “Brendan McKeigan – Make It A Double!”

Tickets are only $20 ($10 for post secondary students with a valid ID), and 25% of ticket sales are going to the Canadian Cancer Society! Come support a great night for a great cause!

Get your tickets today at http://brendan.brownpapertickets.com or at The Cambrian Student Centre!

Saturday, November 16th!
Doors 6:30pm, Show at 7:30pm
1400 Barrydowne Road
Sudbury, Ontario


Posted on: September 19th, 2013 by brendanmckeigan
Tickets available at http://Brendan.BrownPaperTickets.com

Tickets available at http://Brendan.BrownPaperTickets.com

I’m so pleased to announce that on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16th, 2013, I’ll be recording my comedy special, “Brendan McKeigan: Make it a Double!”

If you’re in Sudbury, come be part of a great night for a great cause! Get your laugh on, and help raise some money for the Canadian Cancer Society!

Tickets are $20, with 25% of ticket sales going directly to the Canadian Cancer Society! Get your tickets in advance before it sells out!

Tickets are available at http://Brendan.BrownPaperTickets.Com