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The After Effects Of Moving On The Human Body

Posted on: February 3rd, 2014 by brendanmckeigan


If you read yesterday’s entry (which obviously you did), you would know that yesterday I completed two moves. Loaded and unloaded once, then immediately after that with my old apartment to my new place living with my girlfriend. Today my body is angry at all the lifting I did yesterday.

I may not be in the best of shape, but I’m not in the worst shape either. I feel like I’m in decent shape, but still today I’ve been walking around and carrying groceries, and I look like Woody from Toy Story when I lift anything. My body is upset at the lifting, so it’s decided to throw a little tantrum and make me walk around like a marionette from Thunderbirds. Seriously, even lifting my arms up to my laptop to type is taking far much more effort than it should.

This isn’t even an entry so much as a glorified status update or tweet. I’ve been stretching a bit today. But then I also saw The Doctor. Okay fine, I watched three episodes of Doctor Who. I’m still sore, but at least I’m entertained.

Regret level: Zero.

Doctor Who is Great

Posted on: January 24th, 2014 by brendanmckeigan


Remember when you were a child, and your imagination would run wild? You would be playing, and in your mind you see whatever you wanted. Well somebody never stopped that, and decided to create “Doctor Who”

The show itself is incredibly cheesy. Low budget special effects, props, costumes, etc., and makes up for all of that with incredible scripts and great characters. I’ve just finished watching David Tennant’s run as “Doctor Who,” and I’m kind of sad. I started watching the show because I have a few friends who watch it, and David Tennant was so captivating and fun, that I wanted to watch every show. I knew he would be leaving, and I actually took a two week break to prolong his run as The Doctor.

Most people think the same thing: NERRRRD! You might be right, but alas, I do not care. If you actually let yourself watch the show without having a preconceived notion of doubt, I think you’d really enjoy it. Sure, it’s a show I watch alone since it’s not my girlfriend’s cup of tea. But that’s fine! It’s not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try it.

I think that can be said for anything in life. I don’t mean to say that Doctor Who will change your life. It might just entertain you for a while though! I just mean that I think being close-minded can make you miss out on a lot of great things in life. So be open and try stuff you wouldn’t. I tried sushi three times before I found some I liked. That was over the span of a few years, but you get the idea.

Today, I watched the first episode of Matt Smith as Doctor Who, and I have to say, so far, so good! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m designing a custom microphone to look like The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. Allons-y!