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Who Says You Can’t Choose Your Family?

Posted on: February 2nd, 2014 by brendanmckeigan


I have had a helluva day. Last night I received a text message from my Dad’s, best friend’s son. Or as I more commonly refer to him, my cousin. He sent me a text last night asking if I could help him move into his new house. My answer of obviously, yes.

This seems to confuse some people, and that’s sad. They say, “But he barely gave you any notice!” To which I respond with, “He doesn’t need to.” This was a rare Saturday where I had no plans whatsoever. So why not help family? I know, technically we aren’t related. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t family.

Too often, people overlook their best friends and closest supporters because of some random family member that pops into the picture every year or whenever it’s convenient for them.  But then you get this situation where my Dad’s best friend and his wife, I introduce as my Aunt and Uncle. My Dad and my Uncle have been friends since they were nine years old. That was close to a millennia ago. They grew up and each owned a dinosaur. They rode them to school, and learned to write on their tablets. Stone tablets, but tablets none the less. The point is, this family is fantastic.

This is a family that moved my Dad to Sudbury. As in, they drove a U-Haul filled with my Dad’s possessions after working a full day of work, then helped unload that night, and the next morning. Then helped unpack for the weekend. This is a family that welcomed me into a house they rented in Florida, along with my Dad. It was one of, if not the best vacation I’ve ever been on.

So yes, I was happy to help today with any kind of notice. Now here’s the rest of why it’s great. They obviously have rental truck, and I was planning on renting a van on Tuesday to move in with my amazing girlfriend. I had the thought to myself, “Well maybe I can borrow their truck afterwards, and help pay for it as well. Depending on how long they have the truck for.”

My cousin Brad told me they had it until the morning. Well, they had it until before U-Haul opened, because it was due back anytime after close. Don’t even get me started on U-Haul and how crazy their policies are, I digress. Short story shorter, when I asked how long they had the truck for, I was asked, “Why? Do you want to go pick up your stuff today too?”

I figured after we were done with their move, I could drive the truck and pick up my stuff, then return the truck. I could have gone it alone. But Brad was having no part of that. He was going since 7am. We finally finished loading the truck, unloading at his new house, then driving to my old place, loading up and driving to my now home and unloading. By that time it was around 9pm. Fourteen hours he was moving. I offered to pay for the truck, he said no. They already paid for it, so it didn’t matter. I asked him to stop at the liquor store so I could buy some whiskey and wine. He obviously obliged. I bought him a $40 gift card, with a cover that said, “Especially For You,” in fancy typefont. I thought it was funny. Then while loading up my stuff, Brad took notice of my bookcases. I have two; my girlfriend has one that is the exact same. He asked where I got mine, and how much it was because he needed one for his new house. My girlfriend and I were struggling with how we were going to fit three bookcases in our house and not have it look cluttered, so I offered it to Brad. He said no again. I thought about throat punching the stubbornness out of him, but instead we loaded everything up.

While unloading at my new place, I simply said, “Oh that one is staying.” Referring to one of the bookcases. It’s funny that family is always wary to take money or things for helping each other out.

They say you can’t choose your family. I call malarkey. I’m sorry to be so vulgar, but it’s true. Sometimes your blood family can suck, but the family you choose can help you out in a jam, or invite you to Florida, or they can help you move after they just moved themselves.

High fives all around.

Drinking with Family

Posted on: January 22nd, 2014 by brendanmckeigan


Last night, after taping for Strombo, I went out for a couple of drinks with my sister and my Dad. Followed by dinner at The Keg, including a couple bottles of wine, and then of course a few whiskies at a pub.

Drinking with family can go one of two ways. It can be a horrible night where everyone ends up yelling and screaming at each other. OR it can be a hilarious night where everyone just laughs the entire time. Last night was no exception.

I had a couple of beers first, downtown at a bar with the fam. The beer was warm, and let me tell you: Don’t ever put ice in beer. That was my sister’s genius decision. Shock Top beer does not taste good when it’s watered down. If I wanted watered down beer, I’d go to America. HA! OH MAN I CAN’T BELIEVE I SAID THAT! Anyway, since most bars only serve bangers and mash, or some generic burger, we went to The Keg.

It was a really nice one too. Sometimes, a restaurant just feels like a restaurant. But The Keg was great. The service was great, the food was great, the atmosphere was great. We went so my Dad could get a Prime Rib roast. As soon as our server came to our table, one of the first things she said was, “I should mention, we’re out of Prime Rib roast.”


My Dad had been craving it all night. Luckily, they were preparing another, but it wouldn’t be ready for another 45 minutes. We were in no hurry and got apps and wine, then more wine. And then our food came. No pun intended, because it was orgasmic. Fresh, prime rib roast, so succulent it would make a vegetarian’s mouth water. We finished our meals, and then finished our wine.

Our care-free saunter down the road to a pub for one last stop was freezing. This “polar vortex” as they’re calling it, is not very fun. Finally, we arrived after our grueling five minute walk that seems longer than having to watch any episode of The Kardashians. I ordered a whiskey sour, it sounded good. Until I received my drink and it was just a “sour.” It was a horrible drink, but much to my delight the bartender was more than happy to give me a whiskey on the rocks instead.

And do you know why? Because I was very polite about it. Too often, people yell or scream at a server and expect something for free. If you yell your way to free food at restaurants, please come over so I can kick you in the face wearing golf cleats. It’s amazing how much further along you get by being nice. The bartender may have somehow forgotten to put liquour in the drink. It happens! Or, perhaps she just followed a recipe they’re given, and the drink is just garbage. Either way, I just politely mentioned that the drink wasn’t quite what I was expecting, and this divey bar, which could easily just say, “Well you ordered it,” just exchanged my drink. So much better than yelling at somebody over something trivial, don’t you agree?

I’d like to tell you everything we spoke about last night, but then this blog would be 48 pages long. Give or take.  So when you go out, be nice to people. It’ll make everyone’s night better.