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How To Move Assembled Ikea Furniture With A Mustang

Posted on: February 7th, 2014 by brendanmckeigan

Simple answer: Don’t. Don’t ever even think about it. It won’t work. It’s impossible. The idea of buying a used dresser from Kijiji and moving it in a Mustang defies physics.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “What do you mean it didn’t fit?” Well, here we go. My girlfriend and I wanted a 3 drawer dresser for the spare bedroom. She found one on Kijiji and asked if I would pick it up. I thought it was a smaller 3 drawer dresser. It was not.

Part of the male mindset made me think that I could still make it fit. The Mustang has wide doors, the front seat pulls up pretty far, and in my defense, at different times I’ve had a 46 inch television, a wall mural picture, a few massive suitcases, and three guitars in cases in that back seat. So I figured I’d give it a go.

The woman I bought it from was pretty great. She helped me carry the dresser down. After realizing it was difficult to hold with the drawers in, I took them out and placed them in the car. Now, with the dresser empty, I was free to attempt to fit the dresser into the car. Which quickly became the adult version of shoving a square peg through a round hole, only on a much larger scale. To the people driving by, I must have looked like a dog trying to carry a stick inside that won’t fit through the door. After finally giving up, I pulled the empty dresser that was a quarter of the way into my car, back out to place on the sidewalk. And that’s when the side supports broke.

Yup, I had already paid for this dresser, and now I had TWO pieces of broken support slats. Epic fail. Not only was it broken, I couldn’t take it with me. I had to carry the empty dresser, sans drawers, back upstairs to her apartment so I could come back with a different vehicle. Now I drove home with three drawers in the car, which is not a full dresser. I knew I had two broken slats as well, so I stopped into Ikea. Did you know they have a TON of those on hand? Like baseball bats in an MLB dugout, I saw him pull two slats from the shelves in the back. And they were FREE!

I finally got the dresser and patched it up. So, suck it, universe! I made the impossible, possible again and FIXED a piece of Ikea furniture! I’ll be teaching a workshop this spring about it. It will cost $500 cash, but I give you an allen key.